Rhinowares - Kóstoló Csésze

Rhinowares - Kóstoló Csésze

4 900 Ft

Rhinowares - Cupping Bowl Ceramic RWCUPBK


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Rhinowares - Kóstoló Csésze RWCUPBK

Coffee cupping is vital when purchasing coffee beans.

Rhinowares have designed a cupping bowl that has black on the inside of the cup as opposed to the normal white.

These bowls will help you focus less on the color and clarity of the roast and focus more on the flavour and aroma.


  • Meets requirements for SCAA Volume Standards
  • High quality ceramic, which retains heat
  • Pairs perfectly with the professional Rhinowares Cupping Spoon
  • 88 mm internal diametre (3.46")
  • Curved internal base
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